Monday, July 26, 2010


Im so sorry this was subupose to be up yesterday I was not home to see it did not post ,This will be the last card you see for a while ,We had a death in the family and I will be out of town of a while .The Card Is for Stitchy Bear Challenge I used Susans paper and Dargons image.I hope you like what I made .I rally dont have much to say ,But God Bless and Thank you for being part of mt blog ,Have a great month Sarah

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here is I card I made yesterday Ive gotten a bunch of the new EBELL stamps ,And wanted to work with Willow and her dog ,All the stamps you will see are from her are new releases.I just love this one ,She looks so happy a day out with just her and her puppy .In the past month I realized everything does not have to match ,I would all ways make everything the same color,They look so much better when they don't ,I got my sketch from Midnightmadness Still have that goal I will win one day lol . Just got to keep on trying .I'm also putting this inStampsomething Flowery .Lots of roses! Had a bunch of fun playing with her and have alot more to go .Today I'm working on a fun one from Smeared and Smudged Jack he is one of my favorite stamps ,I love them all ,But the look in his eyes I get ,You will See .Anyway Have A great Day and Hope you like the card.Hugs Sarah

Friday, July 23, 2010

Frosty in July

Hi everyone This post is really late I dont know what I keep doing wrong I had it ready to post at 7am .Here is the card I made The cutiest snowman around .I think he might melt though .Silly guy trying to get a TAN .Im going to make this fast because my girl are wondering were Im at .Cant wait for you to see all the great projects !
QKR Stampede Blog -

Crank The Volume

Here is a card for you today The digi came from A new artist I found Kenny K Digis ,Arent they great ,I got the sketch from there challenge I had to much fun with this card I just loved finding all the thing to make the card ,Ive we on a shopping spree in the last month getting all the new emblishment,I thought of some some new would help and they have I hope you like my card ,I have to make another post ,Do you see snow?You will in my next post .Have a wonderful night Hugs Sarah

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Hurts

Here is my card For the Stamp it Crazy Blog Candy and Haunted House Design Monday,I made this kinda wild ,They say your true feeling come out in your ART ,I guess this is how I have been feeling lately .I love The stamp I bought some a few months ago and haven't use them and it was fun to step out side my box .I just won 3 more of there stamps cant wait for them to come.I hope you like the card ,I will be posting a another one today Ive wanted to share ,Have a Wonderful Day Hugs Sarah

Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I want to play with my New Betty stamps Isn't he a cutie,This is the kind of boy I would have went for when I was a teenager his name is Christian.I haven't made a card in a couple days .Now I have to make up for it 4 more to go.I'm putting in a couple challenges .I love how all her kid have a pet I don't no his name so we will call him AL ,I don't know why he looks like one .Anyway Thank you for stopping by . And I want to thank everyone who came by for Bella ,I had 6 year Rebecca's mom Mary show me her daughters card And it touched my heart ,So Rebecca I'm sending you some Blog candy!So be on the look out.Here are the challenges I'm putting this in Crazy challenge-Boy will Be boys Crazy 4 challenges-Use buttons Have a great night Hugs Sarah

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winner of my candy /Carol / And card to share

Blogger Carol said...

What beautiful cards you are sending to Bella. So many people coming together for her. Thanks for offering candy too. Lotsa luv xxxx Thank you all for stopping by my blog .Keep making them cards for Bella

Here is I card I made for my Dt and Bombshell sketch,I just got her new stamp set and sketch was great ,Its my month at Smeared and Smudged to do a pinup.And she is beauiful .Come join the fun we have wonderful challenge with always a great prize .Big Hugs Sarah

Monday, July 12, 2010


  1. If you got here from Christy blog your on the right track!Your next stop is Katharina Frei...!
This hop is really about a very brave little girl, Bella. She is a member of the same gymnastics team As my friend Erin. You can read her story HERE. The gym, Bella's school and many members of the local community are working hard to raise money to help the Tucker family. I wanted to do something to help after reading the story ,And a great gift is a card thats what we all do and have them all over our houses so lets feel up her mail box with love . Please help me help her by making and MAILING as many cards as you can to help her smile each day. The mailing address is...The Bella Tucker Fund
P.O. Box 199
Londonderry NH
03053 USA
Denise Lynn... Marianne... Elizabeth Pujalka... Julie Glasgow... Tanya Rudd... Adrina Smulder... Chris Olsen... Christy Dillman... Sarah Ketchum... Katharina Frei... Rachel Vaughn... Pat Sergeant... Erin Bailey... There will be a hop each week for the next 3 weeks to keep the smiles coming! And lots and lots of candy for all of you!!!! Once you have made and mailed a card, please post the card on you blog and link it using THIS LINK TO THE GRAND PRIZE. Here you can read about the grand prize worth over 150$$$$$$. You can enter as many times as you like, as long as you are entering cards you are mailing to Bella! Let her know we are thinking of her or mail her a funny card to get her to giggle!
Another card Im going to send out in the morning !The card under this post I made for her to.
To enter the grand prize please make and mail a card then enter it USING THIS LINK TO GRAND PRIZE. Good luck and THANK YOU!!!!!!!Thank you for taking the time to read the post litle Bella needs all our LOVE! Big Hugs Sarah I have a prize here Please leave a comment and become a folower.The winner will get a Sweetpea Stamp with a saying and some extra goodies to go with it!

Grateful Heart

Welcome Joy to my stamp collection,She is from Tickled Pink Stamps.I made this card for 2 of there challenges ,The sketch of the month and add ribbon at Lil lolita Boutique .When I saw these stamps I knew they had to be in my home .CUTE "HU".Also this card is going to Bella I hope she likes it ..I have another one I made for her that will be up tomorrow.I hope you like the card I made .I found some cool digis today and Spellbinders cant wait for them to get here.I will see you in the morning Have a great Day Hugs Sarah

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love Ya

Here is my card for the Burtonesquesque Dolls and Queen Kat challenge ,Yesterday I started the card and I couldnt come up with anything ,I got in the morning and looked at some other cards on blogs and saw Queen Kat Sketch from there Hop last week and read there challenge for Saturday and got to work it all just came to me I had all the paper and stuff I wanted on the card I just didnt know where to put it.But at the end I think it came out good. PS Look into his eyes. I hope you all like what I did .On Tuesday make sure you stop by Im going to be in a very special Hop and would love for you to join in ,We are Hopping for Bella!Ill have all the details then but if your not busy maybe you could start on a card for her she is 8 .The story brought tears to my eyes and I knew I had to help.I already have one card for her done and started another one for her today.Thank you for coming by Have a great night Hugs Sarah

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Here is my challenge card for my DT at Stitchybear Stamps ,The challenge was Military the digis are made by LilDiva at first all I had was the fairy but I new I could do something ,A Fairy in camo cute" hu"Then LilDiva sent the Navy man even better I had fun doing these cards I though it was going to be hard but it was fun to see what I could do .So what do you think?And these digis are for sale at Stitchy Bear Stamps ,Plus lots more to choose from .So head on over there and get your self some digis ,You will always find something you will love!Have a great night Hugs Sarah

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Fairy

Here is my card for today ,I bought so many stamps this month I dont no where to start .This is my Ebell stamp it from her new release .I got the sketch from Sketch Saturday and I'm putting it in the Belles And Whistles Challenge Glitter and Perals .I had fun putting this card together I colored her with pencil and Mineral Spirits .Isnt she pretty?Im going to play with my City Girls today .She came out some real great stamps I had to get them .I hope you like my card .You all have A Great Day!Hugs Sarah

Monday, July 5, 2010

Simply Betty Blog Hop

"Simply Betty is one of our fabulous sponsors for the month of July! The DT even got to play with the awesome My Kids Emo World stamps! Betty herself challenged us to "Get Grungy with Simply Betty Stamps!" The Smeared and Smudged DT got Grungy and Inky and had alot of fun! Hey guess what you could win some of these great stamps all you have to do is come join our group and play in our challenges" Oh! The Horror, and Rock-N-Rolla"Challenge come see what we have going on this month .We also have the sketch challenge and many other great things in our group Come and play with us,I promise you will have fun!Now on to our Hop Wait until you see the other girls cards ,They will blow you away! Terra







Black Dragon

Lady Brayton





Betty- Betty has something to do with family ,She is sorry she couldnt make it .

Hope you all have fun ,Let me know what you think about my card ,I think I have some thing here you could win!Thanks for stopping by!Hugs Sarah

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Here is a card I made for The Burton Dolls Challenges,If Burton were to make a Vampire movie what would the poster board look like .I bought these digi's to make the the card ,She just came out with them Love them,I ordered all her rubber the other day ,I have a bad habit ,If i see something I like I have to buy it .This is a really busy month for me with moving and making cards taking care of the family ,I wonder how I do it But for some reason I feel like I can do it all and make it fun. You know how it feels when your moving into a new house its like a new start .That's the way I feel .I ready for change and I'm going to make everyone around me ready for it to . Tomorrow I'm going to show you a card I'm really proud of the digi is from Smeared and Smudged ,I hope you like the one I did to day ,Its going to be a busy week ,But I going to shower you with cards all month .Have a Great Night Hugs Sarah PS HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !

Monday, June 28, 2010

Love ya like a sis

Here is one of my new EBELL stamps ,Her new release is just great,And you know me I had to get them all,Also I got some City Girls2 And a couple from Susans Custom Arts .I just love them ,Im putting this in 2 challenges Cute Card Thursday And Simon Says The brown brad I have had for ever and this is for a freind of mine ,I have 3 more cards to make then Im on vaction,Well if you can call it that Im moving so I have alot of packing to do,My craft room is going to be the hardest.I think I buy to much .I just made to orders today ,I really need to stop looking for sales lol.I hope you like my card ,I will be back tommorow with a new card Have a great night Hugs Sarah

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Proub to Be America

Here is my First DT card for StitchyBear Stamps store,The digi is from Hope Jacara.Cute hu .You know me and Angels or Fairy.Love them!If you go to Stitchys Store you are sure to find any kind of digi you need .The challenge was star and strips ,So I went with America the 4 is coming and why not show our pride .This is a great honor to be part of such a great group!Right now Stitchy is having a great sale so you need to head over over and pick you self you some up .I know I love them ,She is sure to please!Stitchy Bear Digi Stamps is where you should be .So what are you wait for waiting for ,Go take a look

Saturday, June 26, 2010

AWARD I Was Given

My friend Sam gave me this ,Now I'm not really sure what she's trying to say with this award at first look but it all becomes clear when you know what you have to do with it lol.
Now then I have to tell you 6 bare faced lies and one truth (or vice versa if you so wish just to mix it up a bit) so here goes. 1. I love changing dirty dipers 2. I'm extremely outgoing and have loads of friends online. 3.I have a great hubby and son 4.I buy to much stuff 5. Im a very giving person 6. I am incredibly organised. 7. I'm a great liar . Okay some wonderful people to give this to 1.Terra 2.Danielle 3.AJ 4.Tammy 5.Stitchy 6.Jean Leave a comment to say which one you think is true ... or which one you think is the lie! Just a little fun post:)

Beetle Juice

Here is my Tag the The Burtonesque Dolls Challenges ,I use to watch Beetle Juice all the time when I was a kid .This is what I came up with ,Im packing so its getting harder to find thing to put on cards ,Next week we should be in our new house ,And my cards will be better again ,A new craft room I cant wait !I hope you like it ,Also if anyone got a werid email from me my email got hacked and I had to chance my password Im sorry !Anyway Hugs Sarah

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smeared Ink New Release Blog Hop

Here is a stamp from the new Release his name is Praise ,He has some brother to which you will see in a moment,Two day you will see 3 new release,These 2 wonderful ladies have came up with the greatest stamp sets,If you look outside of the box you can see the true beauty in all this stamps .That why I ask come join our group see the fun we have ,Its like one big family ,And we always welcome new family members at Smeared And Smudged,When I saw this stamp I new right away what I was going to do .You will see what each of us choose to do with him and I'm sure you will love them all .Myself I praise the lord everyday for the great thing he has given me .And that's what my heart felt when I saw this stamp.Okay let see the new releases Here is the list of girls to hop to wait until you see there card! Terra







Black Dragon

Lady Brayton

Meredith I hope you liked my card and have fun looking at all the great cards .Have a wonderful Day.Hugs Sarah

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today Im playing in the Burtonesque Dolls challenge its my first time ,I sure love there stamps,I got my digi and and paper from Tiddy Inks ,Yesterday I got a new Cricut cart so I want to try it out.I like the way she looks in the cupcake.Well it Mommy time ,I heard my son calling,Have a Great Weekend ,Hope you like the card.Big Hugs Sarah

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