Thursday, April 1, 2010

Smeared and Smudged Ink Blog Hop

Sorry girls a day late a dollar short !Here is my card for our Blog hop .I thought it was the 31 Not April Fools Day !This one of the new stamps from the Smearmed Ink stamps .I love the way she looks a True Goddess.I'm sorry to have my post up late .I hope you like my card .I made it last night .Here are the blogs to hop .You will see the best cards Let me know what you think .I will pick one lucky girl to get a Sweet pea Stamp .Become a follower and get your name in there one more time .Alison- Kelli- Meredith- Michelle- Kathi- Kim- Lisa- Danielle- Alex- Jean- Monica- Sarah- Erica- Black Dragon- Kymberly- Steph- Lady Brayton- Barb- Terra-

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