Saturday, June 26, 2010

AWARD I Was Given

My friend Sam gave me this ,Now I'm not really sure what she's trying to say with this award at first look but it all becomes clear when you know what you have to do with it lol.
Now then I have to tell you 6 bare faced lies and one truth (or vice versa if you so wish just to mix it up a bit) so here goes. 1. I love changing dirty dipers 2. I'm extremely outgoing and have loads of friends online. 3.I have a great hubby and son 4.I buy to much stuff 5. Im a very giving person 6. I am incredibly organised. 7. I'm a great liar . Okay some wonderful people to give this to 1.Terra 2.Danielle 3.AJ 4.Tammy 5.Stitchy 6.Jean Leave a comment to say which one you think is true ... or which one you think is the lie! Just a little fun post:)

Beetle Juice

Here is my Tag the The Burtonesque Dolls Challenges ,I use to watch Beetle Juice all the time when I was a kid .This is what I came up with ,Im packing so its getting harder to find thing to put on cards ,Next week we should be in our new house ,And my cards will be better again ,A new craft room I cant wait !I hope you like it ,Also if anyone got a werid email from me my email got hacked and I had to chance my password Im sorry !Anyway Hugs Sarah

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