Monday, June 7, 2010

Let Make some cards

I did it, StitchyBear did it, U do it 2 forum challenge

Over at, we are running a really great challenge in the Stitchy Bear Stamps Challenge Board. Not a member yet? That's okay, as you an always still sign up......go on, I'll wait!
So wondering what the challenge is? Well here are some details................
Hey all! We have a new challenge for you. June 23rd is Stitchy's Mom's birthday. We decided to do a Birthday challenge. For this challenge, you will be required to make a birthday card using a digi and you MUST mail it to Stitchy's Mom. Oh yeah and don't forget to post a picture of it here too. Her Mom will be 89 years young! She is in the Red Hat Society, likes ceramics, she is full blooded Italian, etc.......
Want to know what the prize is? Well I'm not telling you! You'll just have to see for yourself! I will tell you it's a very generous gift card from Stitchy. The challenge will run until June 20th. Make sure you post your card to win this great prize!

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