Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RubberStamp Ave Contest!

RubberStamp Ave Contest!

Remember, I mentioned that Kathy over at RubberStamp Ave was going to sponsor a series of short contests? Well, the time is here! We will have several week long mini contests and the randomly selected winners will be able to go over to RubberStamp Ave and pick a rubber stamp. The rubber stamp choice must be a stamp labeled "A" - "H". Other than that the choice is all yours! And Kathy will even mount the rubber for you! So what do you have to do? The first contest is very simple...just add RubberStamp Ave to your "places to shop" on your own blog. Once you've done that, just come back here and leave me a message on this post, letting me know that it's done. If you don't have a list of places to shop, just be sure to mention RubberStamp Ave in a blog post. That's it! And you have until midnight next Thursday to get it done!Once your done doing this go back to http://stampingvacation.blogspot.com and let her know you did this she has a some great card challenges .All you have to do is pick 3 things and make a card I going to start with the next one Have fun .Hugs Sarah

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Anita said...

I added the store to my blog.

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