Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I made this card with a stamp has been sitting there saying use me,Spring is here I want to go for a ride .Look at Snoppy his top is down and ready to go.My friend is having a challenge at here blog its about travel Off the wall craftiness ,Snoppy is traveling out of town and ready to Party.Im also putting this in Pileiton challenge springI hope you like the card .Have a great Day!Hugs Sarah


BethieJ said...

Ah this is so CUTE! You gotta LOVE Snoopy!!
Thanks for joining us at PIO!

Carol said...

Very cute, Sarah! He's got the top down, and enjoying the ride!!!

Kristie said...

Oh how cute!!! Love it!

Kim Wilson said...

Love this Sarah! Wish I could go do that right now! I have snow here! :)

sam said...

great card. thanks for joining us at PIO!

Katie said...

Great card!
Thanks for Piling It On!

Anonymous said...

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